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FSRC Memorial Scholarship

The Rick O'Donnell 5.22 Mile Trail Run and Ultra-Challenge was started in 2013 in memory of Rick O'Donnell, Steeplechaser member, friend, devoted husband and father who lost his battle with Bile Duct cancer in the spring of 2013.  


In 2015, we lost Larry Key, another friend and beloved Steeplechaser.  Larry died of a heart attack while out on a run.  

In 2021, John Godinet, a true character in the running community, succumbed to ALS.


Rick, Larry, and John embodied the true spirit of what it means to be a runner and a friend, and we honor their memory.


In 2016, the FSRC Memorial Scholarship Fund was initiated, dedicated to the memory of Rick O'Donnell.  Net proceeds from the annual Rick's Run are used to fund the scholarship, awarded to Frederick-area high school seniors who, like Rick, Larry, and John, have made a difference in the running community.


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Donate to the FSRC Memorial Scholarship Fund in memory of Rick and Larry via PayPal.

Donate to the FSRC Memorial Scholarship Fund in memory of Rick and Larry via RunSignUp as a donation to the race.

FSRC Memorial Scholarship Awards

Since 2016, the Frederick Steeplechasers have awarded scholarships to 36 local students, totaling $60,000. For the full history of scholarship recipients and more information about the scholarship program, see the FSRC Memorial Scholarship Page on the Steeplechasers' website.

Click here for the article published in the Frederick News Post on August 12, 2016.

Rick O'Donnell

Rick's Run
Rick's Run
Rick's Run Awards

To understand Rick a little better, and to inspire you to run this race with perseverence and heart, we invite you to read the following:

Larry Key

Why the Rocks?


Rick and I met by happenstance at the FMH cancer center, each receiving our chemotherapy cocktails. Sitting next to each other we spent time speaking about family, friends and of course running. It was then I told Rick about the “Rock Pile”


The “Rock Pile”, located at the intersection of the Catoctin (Blue Trail) and Stoner Road near my home was started as my way to maintain hope while going through Cancer treatment. Each time I passed, a single white quartz rock would be added.  Rick liked the idea and asked if he could join in on a run to place his own rock.


On one particular run, Rick showed up coming directly from treatment. “How far do you want to run?” I asked. “Something around six miles”, was the response.


As we started Rick looked a little unsteady and sure enough he tripped and fell within the first mile.  It wasn't a bad fall, but enough to bring blood to a knee and scratches on a hand. “We can cut it short”, I announced as Rick stood, brushing himself off.  Yet Rick was undeterred, voicing his desire to run the full six.


Passing the Rock Pile that afternoon two new white quartz rocks were added.


The second fall was the one that I thought would “Do Rick In”. This time both knees were bloodied along with a hand. “Cut the run short?”  “Nope!”


Good Lord, a third fall with a mile left to go, “Brenda (Rick's Wife) will never let Rick come out and play again”, I thought. Rick could have waited for me to run home to get a car but instead choose to finish our run.


As time passed, Rick’s chemo quit working.  Rick grew weaker… runs turned to jogs… jogs to walks and finally he could no longer make it out to join me on the trail.  I decided with each run I would add a stone for him.  Each time do, I remember Rick, knees bloodied, no quit …..... And I am inspired.



By Mike O’Grady

Anyone who was fortunate enough to have known Larry knew how much he loved running and what he gave back to the running community. If he wasn't participating in a race, he served in supporting roles crewing, pacing or working an aid station. Through Larry's efforts, many individuals were encouraged to take up the sport, compete and to excel. 

John Godinet

in 2021 we sadly added another honoree to our Rick's Run memorial.  John Godinet was a local running hero that lost his 5-year battle with ALS on May 7, 2021.  He was a predominant figure in our running community, remembered fondly for the countless events that he participated in over the years, from 5ks to 100-milers.  He was instrumental in bringing many, many people to the world of running over the years, and he will especially be remembered for the kindness and joy that he spread wherever he went.  Simply put, John radiated contagious happiness.


Our motto for the 2021 Rick's Run was "Live Like John" in which we strive to enjoy every moment, laugh in the face of adversity, and show loving kindness to everyone we meet. 

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